Base Of Plasma Light Emitting Polymer

LBP (Light Based Plasma) lighting works using electroluminescent materials as the main components. The light emission of these materials is a response to the application of a low voltage electric field (photovoltaic effect) that causes the phenomenon of electroluminescence. This technology is fully available,

New Heat Sink

-High density of heat transfer.

-High heat transfer speed, effective range of thermal conductivity of the order of 6000 W / mk.

-Good adaptation of the environment. The devices could start under the ambient temperature of -40 ℃.

-Good adaptation to the orientation. The heat transfer could be operated in many ways, eg, antigravity mode.

-Good temperature homogeneity.


Among its immediate benefits are space efficiency because its size is significantly smaller than current systems, existing materials are used, it is very easy to install and its intensity can be graduated to the customer’s need.
Base Of Plasma technology is resistant to inclement weather, it can even be submerged in water and still working. Its useful life is up to 100,000 hours, with a reduced consumption up to 80% with other technologies.

BOP Lighting

This technology is fully available, not only has all the certificates (NOM, UL, CSA, CE) but is also installed and operating in a wide variety of clients of different turns: airports, hotels, hospitals, offices, ships Industrial, etc….

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