About us:

PLEP Europe is a company made up of professionals from different fields: engineering, lighting, installations and management born of the joint experience acquired from the industrial sector and public and private building.
More than 20 years of proven experience on the part of professionals who integrate it in different areas and with participation in more than 2,000 works.
We can affirm that the union between experience and development of new technologies ensures that our new and unique lighting system BOP (Base of Polymer) is the most technologically advanced product on the market.

Our vision:

As professionals in engineering and lighting installations, after seeing and analyzing the various technologies available in the market, we have realized that current lighting systems do not meet the real demands of today’s market:

Efficiency • Energy saving • Reduction of environmental impact

Our mission:

Our mission is to turn your needs into solutions, moving from paper to reality thanks to a unique, innovative, efficient, durable and more sustainable product.