Large infrastructure works often generate social and environmental impacts, putting the health and well-being of affected communities at risk, requiring extensive light impact studies prior to their completion.

Getting the lighting system working properly can lead to high costs in time and money. PLEP technology has numerous advantages over current lighting systems that have an immediate effect on their maintenance, ensuring greater energy savings, greater uniformity of the facilities as well as greater safety for people and the environment.





Road lighting is perfect for the city, fast roads and urban spaces. BOP technology ensures uniformity and safety for visitors.
Current high energy costs and associated maintenance can be reduced by up to 80% thanks to PLEP technology. At the same time, greater uniformity of the space, better light quality and greater safety for visitors and the environment are guaranteed.


BOP lighting in the industrial sector is essential to improve safety and generate spaces adapted to the need of the company improving the functioning of production and ensuring less maintenance. Industrial luminaires are designed to meet the needs of businesses and workers.
PLEP technology offers consistent, consistent light that promotes working conditions and maintains levels of care that increase worker performance.
We must not forget the significant savings in energy costs for companies in addition to the maintenance costs and other expenses associated with conventional lighting systems.
PLEP lighting is ideal for areas such as warehouses, factories, charging areas etc. Where lighting is required for a large number of hours a day.

Sports Facilities

Installations of this type should be designed to ensure greater control and precision when practicing any sport, avoiding shadows or spaces with zebra effect. The high uniformity of PLEP technology gives added value to any sports facility while providing a more efficient and sustainable installation.
With the possibility of centralizing the drivers at a distance their installation will never be stopped and the costs for maintenance and operation will be minimal.


Architectural lighting allows to enhance the beauty of any monument and are always an added value for cities. BOP technology has the best color temperature for the industry from 1900K.
Thanks to their warm temperature the monuments will be better illuminated and will not be affected or damaged by too high temperatures without altering their age and historical value.

Parking areas

Most indoor car parks are often dark, unpleasant and insecure spaces. Eliminate light pollution by lighting where it's needed, reducing energy and maintenance costs.
With PLEP technology now the spaces will be more illuminated and the search for a place where parking will be more pleasant and safe for both vehicles and pedestrians who circulate inside.