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Ecologically sustainable

Color temperature 1900k

PLEP the most respectful technology with the market environment. Without even realizing the light influences our mood, our environment and our health. Look at the face of a person looking at an LED screen a few inches away and you will see a bluish light in the dark.

Blue has the peculiarity of exciting the cells of the retina. Recent studies indicate a significant impact on health and ecosystems.

Traditional lights contain a high blue component index that generates environmental problems and is associated with diseases such as cancer. The blue component of white light alters the circadian rhythm, the biological clock by which all living beings on the planet are governed.

The Plep lighting system, with color temperature from 1900k, provides very low percentages of radiation emission, without the use of filters or other accessories, providing superior light performance and with a color rendering index >75 CRI.

Plep is the least aggressive light for the environment, more efficient and sustainable than the rest of the technologies available in the market.

Spectrocolorimetry: Plep technology, Sodium vapor and Led


                                                      Sodium vapor



The versatility of the Plep technology allows the installation of the drivers up to 100 m. away.

Advantages to highlight:

– Less maintenance
– Zero electrical risk
– Resistance to extreme conditions
– Reduction of maintenance costs due to the absence of auxiliary lifting means.

Examples of driver centralization