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Polideportivo Bon Pastor Complex

Improvement of the lighting installation of the Bon Pastor sports complex (Barcelona) to comply with the UNE12193 Regulation by replacing luminaires on the sports court, swimming pool, changing rooms, common access areas and gymnasium. With this performance was achieved an energy saving of 73% reducing the consumption of 19,15KW to 4.99KW with the change of metal halide luminaires of 400W, 150W in areas of sports and swimming pool by PLEP technology of 100W and 112W and 56W fluorescence per 20W PLEP technology.
The previous lighting studio guaranteed an average lighting level in the 202lux sports court. After several months of operation, measurements were taken again, obtaining an average illuminance of Em = 232 lux. In addition to the significant energy savings, an improvement in the luminosity was achieved as well as a greater uniformity throughout the interior of the sports complex.