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Mexico City International Airport

The PLEP technology has already illuminated several national airports in Mexico, being the International Airport of Mexico City the most significant, as it is the busiest airport in Latin America by number of passengers and air operations; transporting more than 47 million passengers. It is currently in the phase of remodeling terminals 1 and 2 where various actions have been carried out with the replacement of the current lighting equipment by new equipment based on PLEP technology; increasing the level of lighting in the public areas contributing to the lighting improvement in passengers, security and airport personnel as well as a decrease in the consumption of electric power and minimal maintenance in the lighting systems with savings of up to 73.2%.




Interior lighting of tunnels

The tunnels inside accumulate large amounts of dust, smoke or toxic gases due to continuous traffic. Forget about closing the tunnel for several hours for maintenance. It will no longer be necessary thanks to the possibility of centralizing the remote drivers. With the PLEP technology, your installation will never be stopped and the costs for maintenance and operation will be minimal.

Other concerns in the tunnels is to ensure the safety of users and to achieve this we must obtain the least glare at the entrance and exit of the tunnel. BOP technology makes this possible thanks to the multiple combinations of optics and wide range of colour temperatures available.


National Electoral Institute Mexico City

The National Electoral Institute is the autonomous constitutional body in charge of organizing federal elections, that is, the election of the Presidency of the Republic, Deputies, and Senators that make up the Congress of the Union.

The project carried out consisted in the substitution of metal halide and fluorescence lighting, among others, by PLEP technology with the aim of increasing the luminous performances in the different rooms, especially in the main room where high levels of light are required for filming different plenaries.

The increase in light output was 37% higher while reducing energy savings by 68.5%.

Central de Abastos México City

The Central de Abastos is the largest wholesale center in Latin America that is distributed in a total area of ​​327 hectares where every day more than 300 thousand people visit, mostly retail merchants.

The lighting project carried out on the Central de Abastos of Mexico City, allowed to have a greater security coverage, a greater uniformity and a better light comfort for the commercial and visitors with energy savings of 83%.

Clínica Médica Sur

The building consists of a ground floor plus 6 floors where the total replacement of the lighting of conventional lamps of 2x40W and 1x26W with a total of 1164W of consumption per plant by lamps with BOP technology of 1x18W and 1x13W respectively with a total of 173 W was achieved. an overall energy saving of 85.14%.