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Village of Bû.

Population and French commune located in the Center region.

The total lighting of the town has been carried out in three phases where 150 W HQI lamps were replaced by lamps based on 60W BOP technology and 2700K color temperature, which has led to an authentic transformation of the town, achieving significant energy savings (70%) , efficiency and sustainability for the town and the surroundings of the region. In addition to a greater luminosity and uniformity in the urban nucleus.



Circulation roundabout

Roundabout lighting that gives access to the urbanization Blancafort de Reus.

The roundabout is in the middle of the field, in an area classified as E2, according to ITC-EA-03 of RD1890 / 2008, low brightness or low luminosity that requires an important level of protection on the negative effects of light pollution, so the light used should be ECOLOGICAL, with a minimum of radiation below 500nm and with the minimum possible level of illuminance, guaranteeing that a good vision to the drivers since it is an area of ​​great circulation.

An average illuminance of Em = 20lux was obtained and with a Ra of 77, the perception of the colors being very good with a comfortable vision sensation and without glare.

11 points of light have been installed with a total power of 120W with a zero FHS.
The chosen light source was double optics of 60W each (with a total of 120 W) and with color temperature 2600K.